Pre Nursery Seedling 3-4 Months (Yangambi 3 Way)


Yangambi 3 Way is recommended for High Density Planting to produce Higher bunches number and Contribute better oil yield.


  • The newest DxP FGV variety, a result of long breeding scheme and was released in 2008.
  • The variety comes from 3 breeding lines.
  • The Dura line is a result of introgression of Dura Nigerian (MPOB) and Dura Deli Group.
  • And the pisifera line comes from Yangambi ML161 family.
  • The advantages of Yangambi 3 Way is the small bunches with high number of bunches per year and the high yield (CPO and kernel).
  • Yangmabi 3 Way is recommended for high density planting of 148 palms / ha to 160 palms/ha.
  • 20kg/box

Additional information

Weight20 kg
Dimensions70 × 33.5 × 30.3 cm

MPOB license

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