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Beneficial Microbes & Fertilisers

Tekam Organics

Beneficial Microbes & Fertilisers


  • Environmentally friendly fertilisers
  • Organic fertiliser enriched with minerals, zeolite, fertiliser trace and citric acid.
  • Tekam Organics is a fortified fertiliser produced by Tun Razak Agricultural research center (PPPTR)
  • Reduce fertiliser application
  • Suitable for organic farming/natural
  • Improve soil moisture & structure

Organic ingredient : 50% – 55%
Organic source : Empty cluster compost
Humidity content : <15%
Ratio C:N : 1:1 – 1:1.2


  • Contains organic matter that provide nutrients
    and habitate for soil organism
  • Helps stabilise soil in increasing microbial activity
  • Contains trace elements Cu, Zn, Mn and Fe that
    important for plant growth and ability
    development to fight disease
  • Citric acid helps in nutrient uptake useful for
    stem and leaf development
  • Contains zeolite nutrient as binder agent

Terms & Conditions:

Selling price other than stated
is subject to negotiation and approval by CEO.

Packaging description: 25kg/Pack.
Only available for West Malaysia.

How to Use:

Oil Palm Seedling
Week 2 : 60g
Week 16 : 140g

Suitable For:

  • Banana Seedling(20g)
  • Rubber Seedling (70g)
  • Vegetables (5g)
  • Flowers(5g)

Recommended For :

  • Oil Palm Seedling
  • Banana Seedling
  • Rubber Seedling
  • Vegetables
  • Flowers and all type of seedling