Oil Palm Clones

Bare Rooted
(4 months)

Oil Palm Clones


Oil palm cloning exploits genetic variabilities within a cross to derive high-yielding planting materials. FGVAS​ generates oil palm clones from the best individuals from the best crosses.

Ortet selection is based on the most stringent criteria which the ortets must have oil to bunch ratio (0/B) greater than 32 % and high bunch number. Tissue cultured plantlets (ramets) produced by FGVAS exhibit vigorous and uniform growth with very low somacional abnormalities (0-5%).

It also produces high extraction rate with average over 30% more oil per hectare than commercial DxP materials. FGVAS ramets are also able to sustain high yields with the first 12 years of harvesting, these clones have outyielded DxP by 20% and 8% in terms of oil and FFB yield respectively.

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