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Oil Palm Seedlings

Main Nursery Seedling
10 -12 Months (Yangambi ML161)

Oil Palm Seedlings


10 -12 MONTHS 


Oil palm seedlings have been inoculated with Arbuscular Mycorrhizae Fungus (PalmaGro) to promote healthy growth.

FGVAS has four certified COPN oil palm nurseries by MPOB operating in:

  • Trolak, Perak
  • Bukit Tongkat, Johor
  • Jengka, Pahang
  • Lahad Datu, Sabah

Yangambi ML161:

  • Deli x Yangambi ML161
  • The best general combining ability (GCA) pisifera ML161
  • High Fresh Fruit Bunch Production
  • High Oil Yield
  • Sustainable Production
  • No observation the material is susceptible to diseases
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