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Oil Palm Clones

Oil Palm Clone
(10 - 12 Months)

Oil Palm Clones


(10 – 12 MONTHS)

Oil palm cloning exploits genetic variabilities within a cross to derive high-yielding planting materials. FGVAS​ generates oil palm clones from the best individuals from the best crosses.

Ortet selection is based on the most stringent criteria which the ortets must have oil to bunch ratio (0/B) greater than 32 % and high bunch number.

The ramets produced by vigorous and uniform growth with very low somaclonal abnormalities (<5%).

Benefits of FGV Premium Oil Palm Clone:

  • More efficient field management through more uniform palms and true-to-type to the selected parents.
  • 30% higher oil yield per hectare.
  • Potential to produce specific traits materials such as ganoderma tolerance & high density planting.
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