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Beneficial Microbes
& Fertilisers

Beneficial Microbes & Fertiliser


  • Plant growth enhancer
  • Contains Arbuscular Mycorrhizae Fungus (AMF)
  • AMF has the ability to colonize palm roots system. The symbiosis will increase water and nutrient uptake efficiency of the palms.
Beneficial Microbes & Fertiliser


  • A potent Biocontrol agent for ganoderma Basal Stem Root (BSR) disease in oil palm.
  • Contains Trichoderma asperellum M103.


  • Protects oil palm from ganoderma BSR disease
  • Enhance vegetative growth
  • Helps soil amendments
  • Improves nutrient uptake ability
  • Boots soil decomposition and biodegradation
Beneficial Microbes & Fertiliser


  • Organic fertiliser enriched with minerals, zeolite, fertiliser trace and citric acid.
  • Tekam Organics has been formulated and tested by our agronomic experts in Pusat Penyelidikan Pertanian Tun Razak (PPPTR), Sg. Tekam, Pahang.


  • Contains organic matter that provide nutrients
    and habitate for soil organism
  • Helps stabilise soil in increasing microbial activity
  • Contains trace elements Cu, Zn, Mn and Fe that
    important for plant growth and ability
    development to fight disease
  • Citric acid helps in nutrient uptake useful for
    stem and leaf development
  • Contains zeolite nutrient as binder agent
Home Gardening


MycoGro500 is a plant growth enhancer which is effective, soil based Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (AM) Fungi product for establishing AM Fungi symbiosis with many orchard and horticultural plants root.

The symbiosis relationship with AM Fungi deliver the plants for:

  • Better survival and growth
  • Absorb more nutrient especially phosphorus
  • Increase the abilities to absorb more nutrient water than non-AM Fungi plant
Home Gardening


TOPGro88 is plant based organic fertiliser formulated based on a comprehensive nutritional balance to meet the needs of both the soil and plants, enhance the microbial activity, and provide short and long-term results for optimum plant vitality, sustainability and disease resistance.

This incredible blend combines the best organic and natural nutrients in our time-tested formula.

Home Gardening


LiqGro63 Fertiliser is a liquid fertiliser with special formulation that contents of balance nutrients for flowers plant, leafy and fruity vegetables.

Important for :

  • Improving plants growth
  • Increase production of fruits and vegetables

Suitable to apply for :

  • Gardening
  • Ornamental plants
Home Gardening


Flourish82 fertiliser is a compost-based soil conditioner products enriched with Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (AM) Fungi.

Flourish82  is a premium compost that is useful for:

  • Increases the efficiency of nutrient absorption by plant roots
  • Promotes healthy hair root development
  • Increases soil fertility and crop growth
  • Increase the storage capacity of nutrients and water in the soil