ORY-X Biopesticide (1KG)


  • Biopesticide products for Rhinoceros beetle control in oil palm replanting areas
  • Intensive research collaboration between MPOB Board and FGVAS
  • Contains spore of Metarhizium Anisopliae (M. anisopliae) with high viability exceeding 80%
  • Controlling the population of Rhinoceros beetle



  • High viability of M. anisopliae (more than 80%)
  • Spores of Metarhizium are active up to 24 months after spraying
  • Non-toxic to mammals, fish and pollinating weevils
  • Reduce pest management cost
  • Environmentally friendly

This fungus attacks all the stages of rhinoceros beetles whether larva, pupa and adult.

Terms & Conditions:

Packaging Description: 1 Bottle / 1KG (6 BOTTLES/CARTON).
Selling price other than stated is subject to negotiation and approval by CEO.

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Weight1 kg
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