Sacha Inchi Soft Gel


TOPGro88 is plant based organic fertiliser formulated based on a comprehensive nutritional balance to meet the needs of both the soil and plants, enhance the microbial activity, and provide short and long-term results for optimum plant vitality, sustainability and disease resistance.

This incredible blend combines the best organic and natural nutrients in our time-tested formula.

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Sacha Inchi Soft Gel x 1 Botol (Set Percubaan), Sacha Inchi Soft Gel x 2 Botol (Set Rawatan), Sacha Inchi Soft Gel x 3 Botol (Set Lengkap), Sacha Inchi Soft Gel x 6 Botol (Set Jimat), Sacha Inchi Soft Gel x 12 Botol (Set Keluarga)

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